Enya.com news: confermato il Best of Enya

enyaandwintercames1ac8Il sito ufficiale ha confermato la pubblicazione del Best of Enya per il 16 novembre prossimo. La nuova raccolta conterrà brani scelti da Enya, Nicky e Roma. Un’edizione speciale conterrà inoltre un DVD contenente materiale documentario:

Warner Music will be releasing a new 'Best of Enya' album this coming November 16th. The album will include titles from all the Warner albums with favourite songs chosen by Enya, Nicky and Roma. A special edition will contain DVD and documentary footage. Details to follow.

Nella sezione interactive/news del sito Roma Ryan ha lasciato il seguente messaggio:

Hello everyone,
It’s been quite a long time since our last communication. I hope you’ve all had a chance to relax during the summer holidays. As you will see soon on the Home Page, Warner Music will be releasing a new ‘Best of Enya’ album this November 16th. They have asked Enya, Nicky and myself to choose the tracks, which we are in the process of doing at the moment. They will also release a special edition which will contain both DVD and documentary footage. I will keep you posted as we progress with this. Hope you’ve all been keeping well.
Roma Ryan

Fonte: Enya.com


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