The Video Blog Competition

Una nuova competition è stata annunciata ieri da Roma Ryan sul sito ufficiale nella sezione Interactive/The Castle/News: si tratta della Video Blog Competition. Qui di seguito vi riportiamo tutte le info necessarie per partecipare:

The Video Blog Competition
I am really looking forward to this. Really! I truly enjoyed last year’s video competition. It Was so great to see so many of you taking part of this ideas were varied, wonderful and inventive.
As I have said, this is a separete competition – with prizes to be won.
Please be aware that you do not have to complete The Loxian Games in order to enter this competition. Even if you spent one day competiting in The Games, you could still make a very interesting videoblog. Don’t forget – humor and honesty go a long way!
Here’s how to enter your videoblog – starting on Saturday 14th November, entries can be submitted here. The closing date for entering your videoblog is Wednesday 18th November.
Again, we will announce the winners on all the websites, and of course, you will be able to see a selection of the entries exhibited in the ‘Art of the Valley Gallery’. The only one thing we would ask of you is that you allow us to exhibit the videoblog, particulary if oyu are a winner. The exhibition will be for a limited period only.
Roma Ryan



  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats a great new!! u guys must to participate!!! im sure that u can win!!!!!


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