Enya’s 50th birthday

E_00Sembra che sia in cantiere uno speciale progetto per festeggiare i 50 anni di Enya (il prossimo 17 maggio). Ieri sera il moderatore di Unity ha postato un messaggio – che trovate sotto – nel quale accenna a questo progetto i cui dettagli verranno resi noti entro domani (probabilmente in serata).
Trying to give as much notice as possible. We will be running a very special project in honour of Enya's 50th Birthday this year. Details will be posted on Unity within the next 48 hours. I've discussed this with Roma and we've come up with something a little unique and fun that we hope many members will participate in. It's our turn to paint the sky with stars for Enya!

Further, many people have been PM'ing me recently asking whether there will be another Open House this year. After speaking with Roma about this, I'm pleased to announce there will be an Open House style event held to coincide with Enya's 50th Birthday in May. More details soon.
Vi terremo aggiornati.

Fonte: Unity, Enya’s Castle


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